Great piece in the Chicago Tribune highlighting much of what I’ve been saying about what Hillary must do. The question is will she become a loser the likes of Kerry or Kennedy? The difference will determine the nature of her future political power and it is surely something that is currently being calculated.

Clinton’s options, other than winning the nomination, are many. She may gain more leverage from losing than most any other failed presidential candidate.

The only way for her to accomplish this would be to campaign vigorously for Obama and get the sour grapes crowd to work for him and vote for him as well. It’s her best out. It sounds like this is the thinking on the inside as well:

The thinking among some who have talked with her campaign is that she would be a vigorous campaigner for Obama throughout the fall campaign, wiping out any memories of damage she might have inflicted while prolonging the primary season. In the process, she would also maintain and perhaps even enhance her own viability should Obama lose the general election to presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain.

So even Hillary people are saying what I’ve been saying. SHE needs to be the one to wipe out any damage she may have inflicted in the drawn out primary. She can and will be a powerful political force for years to come. It all depends on how she handles the exit here in the next few weeks.

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