So we’ve seen the polls of Clinton supporters that say two-thirds of them would vote Republican or not vote at if Obama wins the nomination.

But I wonder how many would vote for an Obama/Clinton ticket?

Would they still throw away their vote by staying home? Or throw away the election by voting for McCain?

The other poll I haven’t seen would ask this question:

How would you vote if Obama doesn’t pick Hillary as his running mate but McCain picks a really conservative woman (think Elizabeth Dole or Kay Bailey Hutchison) as his running mate?

  • Interesting post, Joe. I’m almost afraid at this point to ask Jill what she thinks lest I be lashed at for not being sincere in my inquiry. 😉

  • Someone needs to do that survey.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think we have enough 50+ female readers to do it on Plunderbund.

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