State Sen. Tom Roberts is unveiling the details of his proposed Ohio Medical Compassion Act today.

According to Roberts “Our laws should reflect the latest in medical research, which has shown that medical cannabis has a variety of benefits for treating pain, nausea and other symptoms related to a wide range of disease.”

According to the press release 12 other states have already “decriminalized penalties for the medicinal use of cannabis: Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawai, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, Rhode Island and Washington.”

It seems unlikely that Ohio will join these states in their sensible approach to the medical use of cannabis as long as the GOP controls our legislature.

Still – it’s about time we started the conversation.

  • Matt N.

    My approach to this issue is very similar to defending payday lending. I don’t want to defend lenders or potheads, but they deserve to be defended.

  • Well- this bill isn’t aimed at helping potheads- but I get your point.

    You can’t protect people from all of their bad choices- but you have to draw a line somewhere.

    I think the pay day lending probably went too far- but once it got going there was no turning back.

    Kind of like our drug laws.

    It would be hard to argue that something like heroin should be legal – but pot is a whole different story.

    We need some balance here.

  • mark

    I think that the whole should we legalize pot debate is retarded. Of course we should legalize it, we need to stop telling people what they can’t do to their bodies. We should also not worry about if gay people marry, why is it our country seems to think that it will fall apart if these things were legal? I say enough, time to send a new message…shut up…on the other hand those that do practice bad habbits shouldn’t expect to be handed help…so something balanced should be in place(speaking of pot use here). But people can drink, get strung out on prescription drugs…and yet that’s ok…ridiculous…time for the busy bodies to just go home and shut up…thats all!!!

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