In late December Governor Strickland said the Democratic caucus process was “hugely undemocratic” because it “excludes so many people.”

With the Iowa caucuses only days away, the Clinton campaign immediately responded saying that Hillary and Strickland “strongly disagree” on the issue of caucus voting and that “the process must be protected.”

That was then.

Today in an interview on Cleveland radio she said: “We’ve got to change the way we nominate presidents for a lot of reasons. I personally believe these caucuses are terribly unrepresentative.”


A few months ago, when she had all the money and the momentum, the process needed to be protected.

Now that it looks like she’s going to lose, the process needs to be changed.

It looks like Ted was right. Well, at least about the caucuses.

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  • Though I want Hillary to win your nomination, she should really shut up about this. Everyone knew the rules and how the calendar went and blah blah and she got beat.

    Sometimes you get outplayed, and she did.

  • Ben! Did you just tell Hillary to shut up!? You sexist bastard! You cannot tell a WOMAN to shut up! Misogyny is just so prevalent in this election cycle. Please give it a rest.

  • Modern Esquire

    Of course Hillary, or any politician, is going to defend the “democratic” nature of the Iowa caucuses right before the Iowa caucus. SHOCKER!

    I said it at the time (as did you, Eric) that Strickland was right about caucuses. We should only have direct primaries. And we should never let another state have a system like the crazy Texas system.

  • Of course it wasn’t surprising.

    But now she has totally changed her opinion?

    Or was she lying back then- and pandering to Iowa’s voters?

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