While Clinton won Kentucky, as expected, last night, a general pattern has been coming to the forefront showing that the spine of Clinton’s support runs right down the west side of the Appalachian Mountains. DHinMI at DailyKos has produced a few charts showing the level of support on a county-by-county basis over the entire country at 50%, 60%, and 70% levels. While these don’t include Kentucky, Kentucky follows the same trend. Here is the 70% chart – it’s pretty stark.

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The lower thresholds still show the same major story; Clinton is strong in Appalachia, and not anywhere else. Here is an interesting image that shows the “common ancestry” by state.

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You’ll note that Clinton’s support largely correlates with “American”, aka “Scots-Irish”, ancestry . The kind of folks we’ve talked about before. And I think this largely undercuts Modern Esquire’s theory that Clinton’s strong showing in Southern Ohio can be attributed to Strickland’s popularity and pre-existing organization. There’s clearly more to this than just that. Maybe somebody should tell Obama’s campaign about Joe Bageant‘s book.