Bill Todd, long-time dirtbag Republican lawyer and recent, failed Columbus Mayoral Candidate, filed a federal lawsuit yesterday on behalf of Ohio Right to Life.

The anti-abortion group wants to run so-called “issue ads” that mention specific candidates’ names all the way up until the November election.

Current state law forbids such ads from running 30 days prior to the election.

According to the AP, Ohio Right to Life wants to run radio and tv ads on “the issue” of the State Senate’s proposed ban on human cloning- and in those ads wants to mention the names of Ohio Republican State Senators including: Bill Harris, Steve Buehrer, Steve Stivers and Kirk Schuring.

Stivers is running for congress in the 15th- Schuring in the 16th.

In case you forgot, Bill Todd has a long history of representing right-leaning groups that run these pseudo-issue ads that are actually intended to support a specific candidate and not a specific issue.

Remember ‘Common Sense 2006’?

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