The Guardian’s Michael Tomasky on Bush’s Knesset speech and the outcome leaving Obama up 1-0 in foreign policy clashes with John McCain:

Republicans used to beat Democrats on foreign policy every time. But now Obama is changing the nature of the fight

Changing the nature of the fight by doing what? FIGHTING! It used to be the GOP would smear a Dem. and they’d go all apoplectic about how awful it was and get on their heels. I’ve heard the Obama team refer to Kerry many times and how they won’t make those same mistakes. The kind of mistakes that involved taking too long to respond and then only using defensive measures.

Barack uses offense along with defense because it takes both. It’s not enough to cry about an unfair hit. It requires you hit back and, if possible, hit in a way that weakens the perceived strength your opponent is attempting to bolster. Obama highlighting the handling of the war in Iraq is a perfect way to do this. Bush and McCain don’t have a leg to stand on here. The Iraq War has been an abject failure in foreign policy. Bush is learning the real meaning of “bring it on”. McCain should re-think this whole Bush as proxy foreign policy strategy. It’s a loser.

Game. Set. Match.


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