Last week in West By God Virginia it was 36 percent. Just 36 percent of Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton said they would vote for Obama in a general election. This week in Kentucky it was 33 percent.

Two-thirds of Clinton’s supporters there said they would vote Republican or not vote at all rather than for Obama, according to the polls.

Forty-one percent of Clinton supporters said they’d cast their vote for John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, and 23 percent said they would not vote at all.

This being the case all the while most polled say they think Obama will indeed get the nomination.

So I will ask Jill and the rest who are harping on what Obama must do to heal this type of problem (and it IS a problem): How is someone supposed to convince voters to side with him when they vote for his opponent knowing she will not win and claim they will not support him once he wins the nomination as they are predicting? 64% will vote McCain or not vote. That’s a huge problem.

Hillary Clinton’s problem. She has leverage with this bloc of voters. So much so that they support her over the party. They support her over a person with very similar policies and positions – policies and positions that have made them a huge Hillary supporter.

Hillary is a smart woman. She knows the likelihood of her winning butts up against sheer anarchy in the party and the odds of that being allowed to happen are so slim as to not even exist. She is making overtures in her speech tonight of taking this thing to the convention and being unwilling to stop her campaign of party divisiveness. It should be noted that her speech was again devoid of any recognition for Barack’s accomplishments despite his seizing the high ground again with congratulating her on a win.

She must be stopped. Someone needs to tap her on the shoulder and let her know if she succeeds in any plan to seek later redemption by cementing a defeat for Obama this time that there will be a loud cadre of people who may have supported her who will absolutely join in her destruction down the line. There will be no 2012. Face facts.

I’ve seen Hillary say voting for McCain would be a mistake blah blah. That’s not good enough. She needs to either give a speech and step down or give one telling these idiots that not voting or voting McCain would be betraying their votes for her should Obama win. It needs to be forceful and it needs to be NOW!

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