I’ve been doing some digging this morning on a bunch of anti-Obama sites that masquerade as pro-Hillary.

One of the strangest and most poorly designed is IronMyVote.com.

This site has tons of stuff on it that makes me believe it is not being run by Democrats supporting Hillary- which is what they seem to want you to think.

For example, they have a big link to a list of numbers for right-wing radio talk shows (Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Schlesinger, etc.) and the times they are on the air.

They also have links to pictures of Obama in African clothes and a bunch of random other anti-Obama crap.

But they do have one link to a page that I absolutely LOVE: a list of negative links that includes multiple Ohio political blogs like:

Blogger Interrupted
Buckeye State Blog
Ohio Daily Blog
Plunderbund and….

Writes Like She Talks – which is listed as “very negative.”

Does anyone still wonder where Jill stands on supporting the eventual Democratic nominee?