Sometimes the timing of these announcement makes a lot of sense- like when Gore Edwards** endorsed the day after Hillary won in West Virginia.

But I have no clue why Robert Byrd – Senator from WV – waited until a week after their primary to endorse Obama.

For whatever reason, he did.

And I agree with the Hill’s take on it:

Byrd’s endorsement is yet another sign that the long nomination battle between Clinton and Obama is nearing an end.

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  • Modern Esquire

    Wait, Al Gore endorsed Obama? How did I miss that!?! Didn’t you mean John Edwards?!? And if so, how could you confuse the two?

  • LOL

  • I did write Gore, didn’t I?


    You know what I meant though- that white, former-presidential-candidate with a funny accent.

  • They are saving the Gore endorsement for this Wednesday.

  • Modern Esquire

    I don’t know if I can ever let you live this down.

    Edwards: Two Americas
    Gore: One America … under water… because of GLOBAL WARMING!

    Edwards: Nice hair.
    Gore: Losing hair.

    Edwards: Former Vice-President candidate.
    Gore: Former Vice-President

    “You know what I meant though- that white, former-presidential-candidate with a funny accent.”
    Kerry? Tsongas? Carter?

    Sorry, man, I just read your original post and started to think, “What else did I miss because I was so focused on Marc Dann??”

    “They are saving the Gore endorsement for this Wednesday”
    Hopefully, it’ll do more for Obama than it did for the last Presidential candidate to get Gore’s endorsement… Howard Dean.


  • You’re right. I was just typing and not thinking. Thanks for pointing out the differences. 😉

    But this year is very different than 2004.

    That year, the other candidates knew when it was time to get out of the way.

    Unfortunately, they got out of the way for John Kerry – who was considered “most electable”.

    I’m glad this race for a nominee didn’t follow that course.

    Still- I’m ready for it to be over.

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