I’m watching the Chris Mathews shows and they are talking about a focus group conducted by MSNBC in which participants said they would not support Obama because:

1. his association with Reverend Wright
2. he’s a Muslim

You got that?

Because he is a Muslim with a REVEREND.

I figure these are the same people who still believe that we invaded Iraq because Sadam Hussein helped al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden (remember him?) blow up the world trade center.

The same people who think we lost the vietnam war because of the hippies.


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  • Matt N.

    Wright is a former Muslim:


    And that would explain Wright’s connections with Farrakhan.

    Idiot. 🙂

  • And Jesus was a Jew.

    What’s your point?

  • Matt N.

    My point is, your point is wrong. Obama certainly isn’t Muslim, in fact I doubt he is religious at all. But mentioning Rev. Wright is hardly the way to disprove Barry’s Muslimness.

  • Maybe. Maybe not.

    It hardly matters though.

    Both reasons are just more polite ways of saying: I won’t vote for a black guy.

  • I think the important thing to remember is those “idiots”?

    They vote…

    Not only are some of them probably part of the group that thinks that Hussein had something to do with 911 but they also respond to the negative advertising like what was done to Kerry with the whole swiftboating. McCain will keep his hands clean but there will be groups that will not and the fear factor which will include Wright and the Muslim factor will be used.

    Then throw in the racial aspect and the fact that he is not getting the votes of one demographic of the party that he needs. If he can’t get those Democrats, it’s going to be hard to get some of the millions who don’t participate in the primary process.

    We’re in for a very rough ride…

  • Hillary or Obama- they are going to pull the same shit either way.

    But I think they’ve got a lot more dirt on Hillary than Obama.

    And Hillary has HUGE negatives. Way more than Obama.

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