Every time some righty, christofascist nutjob tries to argue that America was founded by Christians for Christians they always use the fact that U.S. coins contain the phrase “In God We Trust” to support their argument.

But this argument doesn’t hold up.

Congress didn’t pass legislation requiring the God-based motto to our coins until May 18, 1908- 120 years after the ratification of the Constitution.

President Teddy Roosevelt strongly disapproved of the idea, writing in 1907:

“My own feeling in the matter is due to my very firm conviction that to put such a motto on coins, or to use it in any kindred manner, not only does no good but does positive harm, and is in effect irreverence, which comes dangerously close to sacrilege… it seems to me eminently unwise to cheapen such a motto by use on coins, just as it would be to cheapen it by use on postage stamps, or in advertisements.”

It also seems worth mentioning that “In God We Trust” didn’t become our national motto until 1956.

So much for that argument.