Cincinnati’s NBC station is reporting that Willard Wilson, former head of a Cincinnati charter school, has been indicted on more charges. This time it’s theft by deception and two counts of forgery.

Wilson was previously indicted on charges of stealing tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars by “inflating the enrollment at the W. E .B. Dubois Academy in Cincinnati to receive additional state money” as well as applying to start four other magnet schools in ohio and keeping some of the state money for himself.

Does anyone still think Ohio’s charter school system doesn’t need more oversight?

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  • William

    I agree that all schools need the same oversight. However I notice that you may be blinded by your bias against Charter Schools. Both systems, Charter and Government have schools and people that give them a bad name. Both systems have excellent schools that meet the needs of parents as they choose what is the best way to educate and create opportunities for their children. If we could get past all the politics, we could create the best educational system for our State. However this will never happen unless we put our priorities in order. The top priority should be what is best for the children. And who knows what is best for the child, the parent or the state. I side with the parent.
    My hope is that someday the money will follow the student. This way the parents will choose what is the best for their child. Then only the best will survive.

  • I’m not against all charter schools.

    But I am very much against the horrible way so-called “school choice” was implemented in Ohio.

    Charter schools should always be run by experienced educators. And they should never be operated for profit or allow students to fail academically.

    Out state’s horrible lack of oversight has allowed all of this to happen.

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