I saw this video last night over at Tim’s blog. It got a LOT of comments- be sure to check it out.

In short: two long-time Democratic women from Central Ohio go on O’Reilly and threaten to leave the party and vote for John McCain if the Democrats don’t choose Hillary as their nominee.

We knew this was coming– but I didn’t think it would be so bad. It is really painful to watch- and not just because Kimberly Meyers has obviously never been in front of a camera before.

Meyers and Ruccia argue that the Obama campaign is being sexist but, when O’Reilly asks for an example, they are completely unable to come up with even one. They threaten to boycott the party. They blame Hillary’s demise on everyone they can think of. Except, of course, Hillary.

And the whole time O’Reilly has a big grin on his face. He is SO happy to have two Democratic women embarrass themselves on his show while accusing the soon-to-be Democratic presidential nominee of being a sexist bastard.

Obviously this whole thing hasn’t been well thought out. Otherwise they wouldn’t be considering giving their vote to a guy who divorced his first wife to marry a younger, richer woman.

A guy whose supporters openly called Hillary a bitch.

A guy who wants to take away reproductive rights from women.

I understand they are angry. Their nominee isn’t going to be selected and that hurts. But this is NOT the way to handle it.

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  • I agree that their way is not the way to handle. But someone needs to figure out what is the way to handle it, and it can’t be left at saying that Hillary has to tell them to just handle it. That ain’t gonna do it, and I don’t think it’s enough either.

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  • Y’all might want to scrap proportional representation or, at the very least, adjust it so that winning a state means winning more than just One Net Delegate.

    And here I thought the GOP was the “stupid party”

  • I dunno Mark. Let’s compare that to winning a state by 1% and getting ALL the delegates. Which sounds dumber?

  • @1: I’ll say it again. Until the point gets across I guess I’ll keep saying it. Hillary is the ONLY one who can do anything about this. She is the only one who has the equity in the supporters who are so far vested in her they would take these extreme measures. She’s said voting for McCain over Obama is stupid, but I think she needs to make it more forceful to groups like this and call them out specifically.

    Of course, she COULD do the right thing and bow out and throw her support behind Obama, but I don’t look for that. Honor over victory doesn’t appear to be in the cards for either Clinton.

    So yes it can – and must – be left at the foot of Hillary Clinton to get such supporters in line. They won’t listen to anyone else. She needs to say in no uncertain terms “If you leave the party or vote for John McCain because I did not win the nomination you will be personally betraying me. Don’t do it.”

  • Eric,

    The answer is “the one that doesn’t yield a nominee.

  • @6: The Dem. process has yielded a nominee, and a stronger one at that. Must suck to have such a lame candidate while the opposing side has two who could both beat him. LOL. Good luck with the swiftboating – gonna need that and more this time around.

    I think proportional delegate awarding is a more fair system and this year is certainly no indication in the relative worth of the system. Complete and total anomaly.

  • These are fake democrats. Kimberly Myers is from Pennsylvania, she definitely looked scared.She was shaking . The funny part, they called Sen.Obama a racist.If you want to shut Fox down , mention Sean Hannity’s best friend in the media, Hal Turner. He’s a bombmaking neo-Nazi, anti-semitic, racist that slept at Sean’s Lloyd Harbor home. he on wikipedia. Williams Ayers can’t top that.

  • I have a question. I’m an Ohioian that’s part of a black blogging group and would like to know how to contact the Ohio blogger that will be in Denver as part of the pool.I wanted to know if they will have women and minority issues in the forefront. thank you.

  • @9: Jeff Coryell. jeffcoryell@gmail.com.

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