No one seems to know what’s going on over at Dann’s office.

This morning his “spokesperson” announced a press conference for noon- adding “Attendance is mandatory”.

It turns out a lot of people showed up only to find that the entire 17th floor of the Rhodes Tower – the location of Dann’s office – was “on lock-down to protect sensitive documents that may be subject to investigation.”

Jesus, Marc. You can’t even RESIGN correctly!

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  • Sheer insanity. I hear Marc’s having lunch while police raid his office. Sounds like the IG beat his oppo guy to the punch! LOL.

  • So should I expect a Dann penguin walk when I land in Philly? ROFL! Nutty!

  • Modern Esquire

    Or as I put it, “Nice shootin’, Tex.”

    Nothing like pissing off the media by having them miss lunch to carry your news conference (how many outlets probably planned on going live for the lunch hour news?) and then let them see the highway patrol descend on your office like a dragnet?

    Brilliant public relations strategy. Piss off the media and give them great art for the evening news and tomorrow’s front page.

    But what I want to know is- where the hell is Marc Dann having lunch that he can’t be interrupted to show up for his own freakin’ press conference or deal with his office being locked down?

  • Modern Esquire

    You know, in hindsight, maybe NOT having a press conference was a good idea. Remember how well the last one went?

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