BREAKING NEWS: NBC News confirms that John Edwards will endorse Barack Obama

I predicted Obama would have some endorsement news today- but I figured it would be a bunch of smaller endorsements.

  • Team 33% in WVA teaming up.

    way to go out on a limb edwards, waiting until your state already votes and it is clear who the nominee will be.

  • Well- it may have been a strategic choice by the Obama campaign.

    Edwards could have on Monday- but it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the WV primary.

    But endorsing today means that Obama is going to steal the news cycle away from Hillary and her big win in WV.

    So it actually seems kind of smart.

    Not that it means much, really. Except that Obama might get the 19 delegates pledged to Edwards.

  • The 19 delegates are the only important thing to come out of it. Edwards showed in 2004 he has no weight electorally.

  • That’s what I figured too.

    But just today the Steel Workers endorsed Obama as a direct result of the Edwards endorsement.

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