Had John Edwards endorsed Obama prior to the North Carolina primary he could at least pretend he is still politically relevant by claiming that his endorsement gave Obama a big win there.

It’s obviously too late now for his endorsement to really matter- and I think he knows that.

Still- that didn’t stop him from going on Face the Nation this weekend and announcing that Obama is going to be our nominee:

“I think it is likely, certainly at this point, that Senator Obama will be the nominee. [S]he has to be really careful that she’s not damaging our prospects, the Democratic Party, and our cause, for the fall.”

  • Modern Esquire

    In Edwards’ defense, it’s hard to teel which way the political winds are blowing with that much hair product on.

  • LOL. Remind me not to let you defend me.

    He has been pretty pathetic. He had a perfect opportunity to send a clear signal and stand up for what he fought for in his own campaign. He let the opportunity pass him by while he was waiting to figure out which one to hitch his ride to.

    Having been my original favorite for the nomination (with an Obama VP), I’d have to say I’ve grown very frustrated with Edwards and he’s been knocked down a notch or 3 in my book.

  • Modern Esquire

    Why wouldn’t you let me defend you? Who would your rather have? 🙁

    Edwards is more bitter than Hillary. Obama killed Edwards dream of being a one-term Senator who got himself elected President.

    Clinton didn’t kill Edwards’ candidacy as much as Obama did. The transformation of DailyKos from DailyEdwards to DailyObama is reflective of that.

    I’ve never really been pulled towards Edwards and never understood the attraction he had with some. I think Obama comes off far more genuine than Edwards ever did.

    There, I said something nice about your candidate…

  • Soon enough he’s going to be your candidate too, Modern. 🙂

    But seriously- I agree with you about Edwards. He always looked like he was trying too hard. (Gore did the same thing when he was running.)

    But more than anything else- Edwards’ Carolina accent gets on my nerves. Especially his Os.

  • @3: I just found it funny that you go to defend him but slam his hair. Pretty funny. Totally agree about the genuine thing.

  • He obviously was hedging his bets and didnt want to anger either. He is desperate to be in either administration if there is one.

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