Yet another argument gone. The Super delegate gap has been closed and Obama now even leads:

I probably only do this because as I Kentucky native I constantly have to, but I’ve also known very bright people who were not racists that were from West Virginia. Roommate at West Point is one off the top of my head. Top flight guy. Love his Mountaineers!

I’ll let you say some, but not “West Virginians” or “Kentuckians”. To be honest, they are everywhere them hillbillies. I thought I wouldn’t see as many as back home when I moved to Ohio. Boy was I wrong!

Hell, even Rahm Emanuel is saying Obama is the presumptive nominee.

I’ve heard talk – and I don’t disagree – that Hillary is trying to ratchet down the rhetoric and ratchet down her fervent supporters in order to begin the healing process. This needs to happen and I hope it can happen.

The question I have is when does Chris Redfern become the biggest supporter of Barack Obama in the state? What’s the official time on that one? I wanna be there! 😉