From the daily archives: Friday, May 9, 2008

InTrade currently has shares of Barack Obama trading at 89.8!

That means real people, who are betting real money, are predicting 9/1 that Barack will be the winner of the Dem nomination this year.

And how good are InTrade’s traders are predicting the outcomes of political events?

According to ABC News “In 2004, the market odds on Intrade predicted the presidential vote of every state but Alaska. In 2006, the odds correctly indicated the outcome of every Senate race. ”

Sorry Hillary.

Also worth noting: Shares of “McCain wins in November” are trading at 38!

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Yet another argument gone. The Super delegate gap has been closed and Obama now even leads:

I probably only do this because as I Kentucky native I constantly have to, but I’ve also known very bright people who were not racists that were from West Virginia. Roommate at West Point is one off the top of my head. Top flight guy. Love his Mountaineers!

I’ll let you say some, but not “West Virginians” or “Kentuckians”. To be honest, they are everywhere them hillbillies. I thought I wouldn’t see as many as back home when I moved to Ohio. […]

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Not that it’s the first time I’ve ever disagreed with Brian Rothenberg, but it’s time to do so again. Brian and I are famous for our squaring off over a dinner with Barack Obama. We even had a few roundabouts in the office when I worked at ProgressOhio.

So here we go again.

Brian’s latest Shadows on High column reads like a defense of Marc Dann. The argument? It’s just SEX (and the media are obsessing over it).

Well, it’s not just about sex. The lurid details about pajamas or no pajamas aside, this story is about […]

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