Seeing how we are (or soon will be) moving on to general election concerns related to the Presidential race, I thought this might be appropriate.

I’m not really thinking the GOP wants to go hog wild playing the pastor card. Unless of course, it’s not about what the pastor says, but about the color of his skin. You feel me?

Looks like McCain is already trying to muzzle Hagee though:

Hagee threw his public backing behind McCain in late February, joining the senator at a press conference in San Antonio, where he promised his “vigorous, enthusiastic and personal support” of McCain’s campaign. But since then, Hagee and McCain haven’t been seen together. The pastor has tried to limit potential damage. After McCain visited New Orleans, for instance, Hagee backed off his remarks about divine retribution there, releasing a statement that “ultimately neither I nor anyone else can know the mind of God concerning Hurricane Katrina. I should not have suggested otherwise.” Hagee won’t answer questions about McCain or his campaign. “It’s better that I don’t,” he said on a recent conference call with reporters. That’s one view McCain probably does agree with.

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