It looks like Ken Blackwell and Tom Delay’s Coalition for a Conservative Majority (CCM) is still trying to organize a grassroots conservative movement to fight the the “liberal Shadow Party”.

The problem is: they don’t seem to know what they are doing.

Here’s a hint boys: grassroots activism should be local and it should be focused.

The whole point of grassroots activism is that it is not orchestrated by some larger entity- that it is natural and spontaneous- and that it is inherently local in nature.

CCM is headquartered on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, D.C. They have no local address or contact information- just a form on their website that lets you sign up for information and it REQUIRES a $52 membership fee to sign up!

Grassroots activists focus on a specific issue- or set of issues like ending a war or protecting gun rights.

CCM’s goal is to focus on a “broad agenda” across “Security, Prosperity and Family”.

Even Matt Naugle admits that he’s “not quite sure what CCM does” – and he attended the organizing meeting!

Obviously there is a lot more to grassroots activism- but you’re first going to have to master the basics if you ever want to beat the liberal shadow party at their own game.