The crowd senses this thing has gone on too far and takes Hillary to task for prolonging the inevitable:

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s greatest gift may be her ability to remain upright and smiling as chaos and chagrin surround her…

…Mrs. Clinton endured boos when she mentioned her proposal for a gasoline tax holiday, catcalls when she spoke of ending the Iraq war and, most difficult of all, the heckling of her daughter, Chelsea, who introduced her.

“End the dynasty!” a young man holding an Obama poster shouted when Chelsea Clinton stepped to the microphone.

She’s lost all swagger. Now talking “if” instead of “when” I’m President and not mentioning an opponent at all. Clearly thrown off her game and soon defeated. I do hope she stays in at least until after West Virginia and Kentucky so as not to harm Obama with two losses against a candidate not even in the race. Of course then she’ll claim huge momentum all over again with those two wins.


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