From the daily archives: Thursday, May 8, 2008

Seeing how we are (or soon will be) moving on to general election concerns related to the Presidential race, I thought this might be appropriate.

I’m not really thinking the GOP wants to go hog wild playing the pastor card. Unless of course, it’s not about what the pastor says, but about the color of his skin. You feel me?

Looks like McCain is already trying to muzzle Hagee though:

Hagee threw his public backing behind McCain in late February, joining the senator at a press conference in San Antonio, where he promised his “vigorous, enthusiastic and […]

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Can we get this over with already:

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Hillary dismisses the Michigan delegate plan agreed to by state leaders. Surprised? Nah:

Camp Hillary is rejecting the new plan floated today by Michigan Dems that would seat the delegation by awarding 69 delegates to Hillary and 59 to Obama.

I thought giving her ten points in a race where Obama wasn’t even on the ballot was pretty fair.

Make it stop!!!

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The Dispatch is reporting that the Ohio AFL-CIO wants Dann to resign…

The state’s largest union — one that endorsed him in 2006 — is calling for Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann’s ouster.

Joe Rugola, president of the 700,000-member Ohio AFL-CIO, said the union is joining the call by Gov. Ted Strickland and other top Democrats for the embattled attorney general to resign.

“The attorney general’s conduct in this entire matter, and the pattern of conduct in his office over the past months, mandates that he leave his office immediately,” Rugola said in a statement.

“It is a sad […]

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I got an email a few minutes ago from Barack Obama’s campaign regarding Voinovich’s sham environment bill that would not only “allow global warming pollution to increase for decades” but also take away authority from the states to fight global warming polution.

State’s rights advocates should be just as pissed as environmentalists.

And everyone should send an email to congress urging them to oppose the Voinovich proposal.

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According to politico undecided Ohio superdelegate Zack Space met with Barack Obama yesterday.

Obama also met with : Gabrielle Giffords (Ariz.), Dan Boren (Okla.), Mike McIntyre (N.C.), Melancon (La,), Tim Mahoney (Fla.) and Jim Costa (Calif.).

Afterward, Obama visited the House floor where he was mobbed by members from both sides of the aisle and even asked to autograph the cover of today’s New York Daily News, with the headling “It’s His Party.”

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The Hill is reporting that Republican NY Representative Vito Fossella admitted to not only having an extramarital affair with a long-time female friend – but also being the father of her three-year-old daughter!

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It looks like Ken Blackwell and Tom Delay’s Coalition for a Conservative Majority (CCM) is still trying to organize a grassroots conservative movement to fight the the “liberal Shadow Party”.

The problem is: they don’t seem to know what they are doing.

Here’s a hint boys: grassroots activism should be local and it should be focused.

The whole point of grassroots activism is that it is not orchestrated by some larger entity- that it is natural and spontaneous- and that it is inherently local in nature.

CCM is headquartered on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, D.C. They have […]

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The Detroit News:

Michigan’s Democratic leadership endorsed a plan late Wednesday that would seat Michigan delegates but partially penalize Clinton for the disputed nature of the primary, cutting her potential delegate advantage in the state.

The proposed compromise would give Clinton 69 pledged delegates and Obama 59. It would allow all 128 pledged delegates, plus Michigan’s 29 superdelegates, to be seated at the convention in Denver in August.

Clinton was to get 73 delegates if the Jan. 15 results were followed.

So that nets Hillary 10 delegates. Not gonna do it. No guarantee the rules committee will go […]

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After the voting is complete in Kentucky and Oregon, Obama will declare victory having the lead in every meaningful metric – and most importantly the delegate lead he has held since sweeping 11 primary contests in a row. Hillary, of course, will set up a nasty 11 day fight until the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee meets to consider what to do about Michigan and Florida.

From Politico:

On May 20 we’re going to declare victory,” said an Obama senior advisor who asked that his name be withheld to speak candidly, adding that after those contests they will be […]

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The crowd senses this thing has gone on too far and takes Hillary to task for prolonging the inevitable:

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s greatest gift may be her ability to remain upright and smiling as chaos and chagrin surround her…

…Mrs. Clinton endured boos when she mentioned her proposal for a gasoline tax holiday, catcalls when she spoke of ending the Iraq war and, most difficult of all, the heckling of her daughter, Chelsea, who introduced her.

“End the dynasty!” a young man holding an Obama poster shouted when Chelsea Clinton stepped to the microphone.

She’s lost […]

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