From the daily archives: Wednesday, May 7, 2008

If charter school advocates are serious about continuing with their brand of ‘school choice’ in Ohio then they better get on board with some new legislation being proposed by Sen. Tom Roberts.

SB 331 would hold community schools to the same standards for student accountability and teacher qualifications as public schools. It would also require community schools to collect and post information about pupils that enroll in public schools after leaving charter schools.

SB 332 would extend current public records and audit regulations that apply to charter schools to the entities’ sponsors and operators.

Finally, SB 333 would […]

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Haas is up and he’s crunching numbers:

It’s late, yes, so run the numbers yourselves, but if the 44% outstanding in Lake County continues to come in at 65-35, Obama will win Indiana by about 3146 votes, or .003 percent.

99% in now. 51/49 it is. She wins by 20,000 votes or so.

Ballgame. Supers should start flooding over.

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