Hillary is moving the goal posts again- and lying to West Virginians in the process.

In a short speech in West Virginia today she called the WV primary “one of the most important elections in this entire process.”

Which, of course, is a load of crap. The nomination is typically wrapped up by the time West Virginians ever get to vote. And even if she does win big there next week- they only have 39 delegates so it isn’t going to help her much.

She also said: “I personally believe that West Virginia is one of those so-called swing states, Democrats need to win it in the fall”

West Virginia has 5 electoral votes. Not exactly a “must-win state” for either party.

And it is FAR from a swing state.

In 2004, Bush won the state by 12 points. He also won there in 2000 by slightly less.

If WV is doing any swinging, it’s further to the right and away from the Dems.

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