As part of his plan to bring jobs to Ohio, Governor Strickland announced he was going use a portion of funds allocated to the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation.

The Foundation fought back- trying to transfer the money to another account and, when that failed, they sued the state.

Today Ted signed a bill that immediately abolishes the foundation- takes ALL of their money- and transfers the current employees to the state Health Department.


But hey- you mess with the bull, you’re gonna get the horns.

In his short time in office, Governor Strickland has shown that he has what it takes to be a great leader: he is flexible and willing to compromise for the good of the state. At the same time he has the political strength to smack down those who get in the way of progress.

Remember Barbara Sykes? Former Head of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission who refused Ted’s request to delay JCARR hearings?

Remember Susan Tave Zelman? The soon-to-be former State Superintendent of Public Instruction is currently interviewing for jobs in Oregon.

Remember Michael Morris? President of AEP who tried to push through an energy bill that would have gouged Ohio’s energy consumers?

Marc Dann should take these examples to heart.

When Ted asks you to do something, Mr. Dann- you probably should listen.

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