Obama won North Carolina convincingly. He nearly won Indiana. This was the game changer Clinton was looking for, only in the opposite. Barack Obama just showed the super delegates that he could take the worst two weeks of his campaign, come off a big loss in Pennsylvania, and bounce back to surprise everyone. He outperformed and it’s becoming clear that he is the nominee.

Based on my predictions, he outperformed my expectations in North Carolina by 3.4% and Indiana by a whopping 6.4%.

There really is no argument left for Hillary. I predict much hilarity will ensue. It’s obvious the only thing left is to go nuclear and try to grab the delegates from Florida and Michigan. That needs to be resolved soon so as not to fracture the party more than it is. There are already indications that Hillary supporters are going to be “bitter” and not come along. Swift action needs to take place. Keep an eye on the supers as I expect them to start breaking.

He always congratulates Clinton, even on narrow wins. What a refreshing difference!

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