From the daily archives: Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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Paul Hackett for AG?

On May 7, 2008 By

Draft Paul Hackett to replace Marc Dann? Um, no. Sorry Hack. You know I love you. Hell, you could even argue you’re the reason I’m sitting here typing.

But if we’re gonna plug an also-ran into the equation my favorite pick would have to be the guy who ran against Dann originally. One Subodh Chandra.

Even though Bob Brigham is excitedly calling around trying to drum up support for the idea…

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From Openers:

ann has hired a noted Texas Democratic opposition research firm whose motto is: “We Serve Republicans. Would You Like Them Skewered, Roasted, or Deep Fried?”

Jason Stanford is president of Stanford Campaigns and Stanford Research in Austin, Texas. He said he has been hired by Dann to do the attorney general’s talking when it comes political matters not related to his state job.

Dann, a Democrat, has even revived his 2006 campaign slogan, Dann for Ohio, and will pay Stanford from leftover campaign funds, Stanford said.

Stanford lives in Texas but that he and Dann have mutual […]

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Last month Rep. Tim Ryan threw his support behind Hillary Clinton.

But it looks like he might be changing his mind.

This morning, while discussing the results of yesterday’s primary elections, Ryan told CQ’s David Nather:

“I don’t know if the fat lady has sung yet, but she’s clearing her throat”

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Don’t Mess With Ted

On May 7, 2008 By

As part of his plan to bring jobs to Ohio, Governor Strickland announced he was going use a portion of funds allocated to the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation.

The Foundation fought back- trying to transfer the money to another account and, when that failed, they sued the state.

Today Ted signed a bill that immediately abolishes the foundation- takes ALL of their money- and transfers the current employees to the state Health Department.


But hey- you mess with the bull, you’re gonna get the horns.

In his short time in office, Governor Strickland has shown that he has […]

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Hillary is moving the goal posts again- and lying to West Virginians in the process.

In a short speech in West Virginia today she called the WV primary “one of the most important elections in this entire process.”

Which, of course, is a load of crap. The nomination is typically wrapped up by the time West Virginians ever get to vote. And even if she does win big there next week- they only have 39 delegates so it isn’t going to help her much.

She also said: “I personally believe that West Virginia is one of those so-called […]

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Making Ohioans everywhere proud:

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(AP) Former Sen. George McGovern, who backed Hillary Rodham Clinton, is urging her to drop out of the Democratic presidential race.

McGovern said Wednesday he has decided to endorse Barack Obama.

After watching the returns from the North Carolina and Indiana primaries Tuesday night, McGovern says it is virtually impossible for Clinton to win the nomination.

McGovern says he is calling former President Bill Clinton to tell him of the decision and adds that he remains close friends with the Clintons.

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In a speech today at Wake-Forest University, McCain “vowed to model his Supreme Court appointees after George W. Bush’s” – i.e. radical, right-wing judges who want to overturn Roe v. Wade and take away reproductive rights from America’s women.

McCain also attacked a 2005 Supreme Court decision that “barred capital punishment for murderers who were under 18 at the time of the crime.”

In essence saying: I want to force women to have a bunch of unwanted babies and then, when those babies grow up to be murders, THEN we’ll kill them.

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According to the Newark Advocate Marc Dann cancelled Thursday’s appearance at the Licking County Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.

A spokesperson for his office said Dann’s “public schedule over the next few weeks has been restricted.”

The only comment on the story from their website:

Good. He doesn’t need to come here when he should be typing up his resignation.

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A Game Changer Indeed

On May 7, 2008 By

Obama won North Carolina convincingly. He nearly won Indiana. This was the game changer Clinton was looking for, only in the opposite. Barack Obama just showed the super delegates that he could take the worst two weeks of his campaign, come off a big loss in Pennsylvania, and bounce back to surprise everyone. He outperformed and it’s becoming clear that he is the nominee.

Based on my predictions, he outperformed my expectations in North Carolina by 3.4% and Indiana by a whopping 6.4%.

There really is no argument left for Hillary. I predict much hilarity will ensue. […]

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