Everyone – Democrat and Republican alike – is publicly calling for Marc Dann’s resignation now.

Everyone except two party leaders from the Youngstown area who think he should stay.

Mahoning Democratic Chairwoman Lisa Antonini says “He’s done some great things for the state and the party” and thinks stepping down is “a decision the attorney general has to make with his family.”

Which might be a reasonable response if this wasn’t an important election year and if the only thing Dann did was cheat on his wife. But, as we’ve seen, there is so much more to it than that. And his decision not to step down doesn’t just impact his family- it impacts everyone in his office, everyone in our party and- one could argue- everyone in the State of Ohio.

At least Antonini had a reason for not calling for Dann’s resignation.

Christ Michelakis, Trumbull Democratic chairman, had no reason at all- simply saying: “He’s a local guy, and I don’t want to do that.”

When asked if that was his entire reason for not calling for Dann’s resignation, Michelakis said, “Yes.”

James Traficant was also a local guy, Mr. Michelakis. You want to bring him back too?

  • Bill

    Not all of us from Youngstown are corrupt political hacks, although sometimes it does seem that way.
    I just emailed a local radio talk show host who sees no reason for Dann to resign. I told him that for me its not about sex or an affair.
    Dann should be impeached for hiring a known drunk driver to run the AG’s vehicle pool and letting that known drunk driver have his pick of state vehicles which he would later return damaged without explanation.
    Dann hired the drunk driver (Gutierrez) 5 months after Dann himself picked up Gutierrez who was drunk (.149 BAC) at 2:30 a.m. on 9/22/06 at the Canfield post of the Highway Patrol.
    Dann’s gross neglect of hiring Gutierrez and letting him drive state vehicles could have gotten innocent people killed and brought huge financial liability upon the state. This is enough cause for impeachment to me.

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