The Ohio Democratic Party is so seriously committed to having Marc Dann resign that they have removed him from their website!

Not only is he gone from their list of elected officials…

but hey also removed him from their “WHAT WE’VE ACCOMPLISHED” page which used to contain this section proudly declaring that Marc Dann’s office was “Awarding Legal Contracts Based on Merit, Not Campaign Contributions”:

The worst thing about this whole scandal is that that all of the good stuff Marc Dann did accomplish – including the above mentioned fix to legal counsel contracts – will now be forgotten and Dann will simply be known as that ‘guy who screwed his scheduler’.

(thanks to Google for caching the old version and BSB for the tip)

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  • That is cold……about as cold as it gets

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  • This shocked me, I knew they were talking about having his endorsement pulled on Saturday but I guess they are pulling out all the stops when it comes to pressuring him to resign.

    The next concern is going to be where they draw the line as far as the future.

  • NordoniaNate

    What exactly has Marc Dann accomplished besides setting up a party house in Columbus? Since he took office he has had one issue after another.
    Marc Dann is going to end up costing Ohio $Million because of his arrogance. And Strickland is just allowing this to happen. And, why were these people voted into office?

  • @1: Agreed. Welcome to big league politics Marc. You should have said yes.

    @5: I think many feel Dann had done quite a bit legally and planned to do quite a bit more. He has been plagued by mistakes, minor political miscalculations, and personal stuff. Not all of that is related to this legal accomplishments, but it did overshadow it.

    I don’t think Ted is “allowing it to happen”. Have you been paying attention at all?

    These people were voted into office because we had a horribly corrupt GOP at the helm. Marc was supposed to be a part of the solution, many warned that he was not, and now we have this.

  • NordoniaNate

    I see where Strikeout Strickland made a very good PR move and sent the letter, yet Marc Dann is still in office.
    Just like when Frankie Coleman cheated Ohio when Strikeout first got in office. Lay low for a few weeks, make a little noise and… Do you really believe Strikeout is going to dump Bluto? C’mon!!!

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