I think how he’s handled the negative attacks has been extraordinary. I also think people see this and it – not some 3am Rovian attack ad – tells them he’ll be cool under fire.

The new CBS/NYT Poll shows Obama rebounding to go up 11 versus McCain in a poll that had him tied last Wednesday. It also shows Hillary up 12 (up from 5), but this is in effect a dead heat and softens some of the electability arguments. It also shows Obama gaining more ground there (up 11 versus up 5).

It also dispels this notion that Indies are breaking for Hillary. She may be gaining ground here within the primary itself, but in a general there’s no way she has an Indie advantage:

Independents back Obama in a head to head against McCain, but in a Clinton-McCain contest independents support McCain by five points. However, more Democrats say they will vote Clinton in the fall than say they will vote for Obama.

It also shows 80% of Democrats will vote for either, which is good news. Obama fans more likely to vote Hillary than Hillary fans vote Obama, which shows who’s really bitter:

Among Democratic primary voters who support Obama now, 70 percent say they would vote for Clinton in November if she is the Democratic nominee. Among those who support Clinton now, 60 percent say they would vote for Obama if he is the nominee.

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