I just ordered myself two of these from democraticstuff.com

Instant collectors’ item!

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  • LOL. Great idea. Ebay here I come! (as soon as Dem Stuff takes it down). Of course, why would they if we’re all making a run on them.

    GOPers should get one too. Great for parties. They’ll laugh all night!
    (while supporting unions)

  • So should I buy another small one for Jill?

  • Cute, fellas but you don’t suppose it feeds into the, ahem, hostile environment problem just a bit too much? 🙂 I know it’s cute and silly, but not all women would. That’s part of what got AG Dann and his compatriots in trouble in the first place.

  • @3: Are you saying we sexually harassed you? I don’t remember it being hostile at all. You did, afterall pose (with the help from your husband). There’s a difference between “hostile environment” and kidding around. Any woman who would take offense to the obvious irony needs to lighten up.

    Probably one of the best parts about the night (other than, well, you know). Just think. I get to auction this puppy off at some point. Maybe this photo signed by you along with the shirt? You know, for charity.

  • I had a great time – no regrets. Of course it wasn’t work etc. No debate.

    So let me be clear about my reference –
    Here’s what I wrote Joseph:

    Very cute. 🙂

    But the whole situation is just so depressing – I just couldn’t! not even for a free Plunderbund shirt in exchange – which is what I got for the Dancers shirt. 🙂

    As for my comment re: it’s that kind of ribbing that leads to the hostile work environment, seriously – I could care less – this with the photo is cute – wouldn’t bother me – it’s why I did it. But one of the reasons that the hostile work environment cases have come up is that some people push that line and aren’t sensitive to what women (and sometimes men) find to be inappropriate for workplace settings and thus make the environment uncomfortable and unproductive.

    It’s true – there’s no value to being overly sensitive. But from what I can tell based on the discourse around the Dann case, there are a helluva lot of ABSOLUTELY clueless males working in Ohio politics.

    Change is looooong over due.

  • As for auctioning the shirt, if you create a scholarship fund for young female bloggers, count me in. 🙂

  • And that’s why I responded to Jill with the following:

    And that’s why i said “Sorry”.

    Of course you are right. and yes- it’s very sad.

    Still – it isn’t going to stop Eric from trying to sell Dann-themed sweatshirts that say: “i spent the night with Marc Dann and all I got was these lousy pajamas”

  • So what? I need to paste an excerpt from one of my emails now? LOL.

    PS – Just giving you shit to get you going. Work?

  • I need to go sleepy – but if I wasn’t so tired, it’d work.

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