Caught this from Dave at PO:

My Derby bet is that Chris Mathews will be the first to make the case on the Sunday Morning political talk shows that yesterday’s Kentucky Derby was a metaphor for the Democratic Presidential primaries

Actually, Scarborough already beat him to the punch (BEFORE the race!):

What a tragedy. As an avid thoroughbred fan and Derby faithful (who hasn’t been to The Downs in far too long), this was so sad to see. My only hope is it doesn’t give animal rights activists something to chew on. One look at the reaction of the trainer will tell you all you need to know about whether this is mistreatment or not. These horses are bred to run and that’s what they want to do. If there was a way to save her, they would. Truly tragic – and rare.

As for the political soothsaying, I’ll leave that up to the peanut gallery. Joe’s comments pre-race are pretty eery though!