Gonna get ugly folks. Dann is backed in to a corner and he’s acting like a wounded dog:

But in an email sent at 11:43 a.m. to staffers in the attorney general’s office, Dann said he will will not resign.

He said he told Strickland “that he and the other officeholders, as well as the members of the legislature, should continue to expect that we will continue to provide high-quality legal services to all of them. I told the governor that we will continue to make our law enforcement partnerships work to protect the people of the state of Ohio.

“I am in the office, have rolled up my sleeves and am working on behalf of the people of the state of Ohio. I hope you will do the same.”

PS, You have to check out Blogger Interrupted for his tennis match analogy. Hilarity!

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  • From the Dispatch this morning:

    Dann today responded directly to a Dispatch question about whether he intends to resign with a one-word text message: “No.”

    You’d think that Dann would have learned his lesson about text messages by now.

  • Nice use of title.


    I agree it’s going to get ugly.

  • @1: Gee, that looks awfully familiar. 😉

  • Hard to keep up with you, Eric. You’re a posting machine!

  • The problem wasn’t rolling up his sleeves, it was dropping his pants!

  • @5: Nice. 5 points awarded.

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