As I’m sure you’ve heard the latest news by now: all of the big-name Dems in Ohio have called for Marc Dann to resign.

The letter, signed by Governor Strickland and Senator Brown and other Ohio Democrat you can think of, threatens Dann with an impeachment resolution to be sponsored by “Democratic members of the Ohio House of Representatives” if he refuses to step down.

So here’s a question: What if Marc Dann decides to stay and House Dems do introduce an impeachment resolution and then House Republicans decide not to support it?

They do have a majority and they do want to keep Dann around as a punching bag…

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  • Good question. I don’t put it past them, but I doubt they would. Even their constituents would wonder WTF. It would be too clear what they were pulling and they’d probably pay a bit for it.

    But I’m not saying they won’t. They’ve pulled lots of legislative hijinks in the past!

  • Yep. Like attaching that anti-keno crap to the pay day lending bill just so they could get the Dems on record voting for Keno.

  • But you are right- it does seem unlikely they would reject the impeachment stuff though.

    Instead they’ll just drag it out.

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  • I think Republicans would be wise to act quickly on impeachment. The Democrats might get burned if they drag this out, but I don’t see Republicans trying to drag this out. Republican foot-dragging in an attempt to tag the Dann problem on to other Democrats is not a winning strategy. There is an incentive to remedy the situation quickly: a special election to fill the remainder of the term. Dann is the one who gains by staying in office, which partly explains why he’s still there. If Democrat leaders want to tactically delay having the AG’s office vacant in order to appoint someone without holding an AG election until 2010, then they might want to drag their feet on impeachment, but, like I said, they’d probably get burned. So if the Democrat leaders are not averse to holding a special election, then I think the General Assembly will want to proceed with haste, and Marc Dann will be the only one trying to bog down the process. Dann’s gonna do a number on Ohio just like Kwame Kilpatrick is doing to the city of Detroit.

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