From the daily archives: Monday, May 5, 2008

Because the Democratic Presidential Primary and Marc Dann are just too damned depressing, here’s a little pick me up:

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Marc Dann T-Shirts!

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I just ordered myself two of these from

Instant collectors’ item!

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Dave at Progress Ohio just posted the video of Governor Strickland talking to the press about the Dann scandal.

According to Ted, he has some names in mind for Dann’s replacement- but he hasn’t officially started the process for picking someone yet.

He also says he’s ready to take ‘whatever action is necessary’ if Dann doesn’t step down.

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The Ohio Democratic Party is so seriously committed to having Marc Dann resign that they have removed him from their website!

Not only is he gone from their list of elected officials…

but hey also removed him from their “WHAT WE’VE ACCOMPLISHED” page which used to contain this section proudly declaring that Marc Dann’s office was “Awarding Legal Contracts Based on Merit, Not Campaign Contributions”:

The worst thing about this whole scandal is that that all of the good stuff Marc Dann did accomplish – including the above mentioned fix to legal counsel contracts – will now […]

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Keno just passed the Controlling Board- with only 2 no votes (meaning at least two Republicans voted FOR it).

The Lottery Commission now has the green light to go forward unless the GOP-controlled legislature passes a bill stopping it.

Their attempt to attach anti-Keno language to the payday lending bill failed- but they still might try to amend into the capital/corrections bill.

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Watching the local news this morning I saw a commercial from MyOhioNow– the group trying to bring a $600 Million destination casino/resort to Ohio.

I have to admit I’m kind of biased because I like to play poker and I hate having to drive all the way to West Virginia or Indiana to play in a casino.

But still, in the middle of a recession, doesn’t it seem pretty crazy that we would consider turning away over HALF A BILLION dollars in potential investment and the possibility to create up to 5,000 new jobs in Ohio?

The Department of […]

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Quick note to Bennett and the ORP: THIS is how you deal with a scandalous officeholder in your party. Swift. Decisive. Correct. So don’t get too happy because it’s NOT what your party did when confronted with a Culture of Corruption. Not what you did at all…

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As I’m sure you’ve heard the latest news by now: all of the big-name Dems in Ohio have called for Marc Dann to resign.

The letter, signed by Governor Strickland and Senator Brown and other Ohio Democrat you can think of, threatens Dann with an impeachment resolution to be sponsored by “Democratic members of the Ohio House of Representatives” if he refuses to step down.

So here’s a question: What if Marc Dann decides to stay and House Dems do introduce an impeachment resolution and then House Republicans decide not to support it?

They do have a majority and […]

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Dann: Hell No I Won’t Go!

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Gonna get ugly folks. Dann is backed in to a corner and he’s acting like a wounded dog:

But in an email sent at 11:43 a.m. to staffers in the attorney general’s office, Dann said he will will not resign.

He said he told Strickland “that he and the other officeholders, as well as the members of the legislature, should continue to expect that we will continue to provide high-quality legal services to all of them. I told the governor that we will continue to make our law enforcement partnerships work to protect the people of the state of […]

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It’s on! The letter:

Dear Attorney General Dann, We write to you tonight to ask that you resign your position as Attorney General of the State of Ohio.

We believe that your actions have irreparably harmed your ability to effectively serve the people of our great state. The work of the Office of the Attorney General matters more, and is far more important, than any one person. In many, many cases it is all that stands between the people and the powerful.

Sadly, we no longer have even the most remote hope that you can continue to effectively […]

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Damn. All statewide Dems call on Dann to resign! That’s some pressure to bear right there! Nothing like our little petition (thanks to all who have signed btw):

All statewide Democratic elected officials and legislative leaders today are asking embattled Attorney General Marc Dann to resign from office, The Dispatch has learned.
Dann will be sent a strongly worded letter that should reach him no later than 11:30 a.m. that he must, in the best interest of his office and the party, step down.

(ht Tim at BI)

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