“Politics didn’t lead me to working people, working people led me to politics”

That’s a great line.

Also running in Indiana:

Both are very good spots. He’s had problems with the “blue collar” or “working class” demographic because in my view they don’t know him and white working class just can’t seem to relate to him. An ad won’t change that for the most part but this is a strong argument and tells a great deal about how they should see him as more like them than Hillary. Whether they will or not remains to be seen.

I like the focus on the gas tax issue. If voters get this, it’s a slam dunk. I’m worried they won’t. Afterall, they appeal to the already strong Hillary demographic of lower educated working class people. A pandering gas tax “holiday” is pretty spot on for this group. Let’s hope Obama was able to educate them. 😉

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