Good stuff. Hillary supporters will no doubt call this a negative ad. I find it pretty hard hitting, but hardly a 3am 9/11 smear. I don’t see the negativity at all. Just calling Clinton on her bullshit pandering:

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  • I have to admit that at first I thought the gas tax holiday was a good idea, but after reading more about it I am not so sure. I think both sides have some valid points, and I hate to admit it, but Obama might be right on this one. Might be.

  • It’s OK, Ben. You can admit it. He actually said today that the reason he opposes it is because he backed a similar effort in Illinois and he actually took a look at the affect of the law. Imagine that. He learned from his mistake in voting for it as the oil companies merely raised prices commensurate with the increased demand from decreased prices and pocketed the difference.

    I’d think larger ($1,000) tax cuts for those squeezed most by increased gas prices is far better than some $30 handout designed to get the uninformed to think you’re doing something for them when in fact you’re only doing something for you – and using them in the process. A game as old as time.

    Expect more of this from Obama. Actual, honest, principled, policy stands instead of political pandering. It falls in line with his “tell them what they need to know, not what they want to hear” theory.

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