From the daily archives: Sunday, May 4, 2008

More calls for Marc Dann to resign and do so quickly:

“Sexual harassment can’t be tolerated,” Kilroy said in a statement released this evening. “As a mother of two daughters of about the same age as those in the press accounts, I am appalled that those in power would abuse their authority in such a shameful way. Marc Dann should resign and he should do so quickly.”

Kilroy added that the actions by Dann and several top aides “have damaged the trust that people should have in their elected officials. In service to the people of Ohio, Marc Dann […]

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“Politics didn’t lead me to working people, working people led me to politics”

That’s a great line.

Also running in Indiana:

Both are very good spots. He’s had problems with the “blue collar” or “working class” demographic because in my view they don’t know him and white working class just can’t seem to relate to him. An ad won’t change that for the most part but this is a strong argument and tells a great deal about how they should see him as more like them than Hillary. Whether they will or not remains to be seen.


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Good stuff. Hillary supporters will no doubt call this a negative ad. I find it pretty hard hitting, but hardly a 3am 9/11 smear. I don’t see the negativity at all. Just calling Clinton on her bullshit pandering:

Full Story... has the only opinion piece I’ve seen recently that doesn’t call for Marc Dann’s resignation.

They do admit that “he failed — spectacularly and on multiple levels” – but after that they suggest we give him a second chance…

We take Dann on his word that his work will be top-notch and, most important, that he has provided full disclosure of what went on in his office.

He knows that the eyes of the state will be on him. He knows that millions of Ohioans are not inclined to give him a second chance. He knows that […]

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According to The Hill:

An environmental activist group on Saturday cited the “sham” of a national gas tax holiday proposal in its endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) for president.

Friends Of The Earth Action (FOEA) said the holiday idea proposed by fellow presidential contenders Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) was the key reason for its endorsement of Obama.

Let’s hope Tuesday’s primary voters can also see through this sham.

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Add the Dispatch to the chorus of boos:

Ohio’s attorney general must be able to provide leadership, command respect and exercise strong judgment. Marc Dann has failed miserably in all three and is not fit to serve.

This situation is a debacle for Dann and a tragedy for the state. He took over the office with high hopes, energy and a desire to run an effective office. That promise has been destroyed, and Dann has no one but himself to blame.

Dann betrayed the trust the voters placed in him, and that will dog the attorney general’s office for as […]

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Pulling this comment from this post because you need to read it. Like many have said there were problems all along and not just with frat-house type activity. Friend of AAG says:

I have many friends in the AG’s office, and here’s what I hear. This comes from Democrats who joined the office last year, from Democrats who were there from Lee Fisher and TOny Celebrezze, from Republicans, and from totally apolitical staff:

Yes, he should resign, and yes, the scandals are the biggest news, but the office has been a mess since day one. The press never […]

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