Despite all of the predictions– and as much as we might want it to happen- Marc Dann will not resign.

It’s not his style. He’ll fire everyone else around him. He’ll send the sexual harassment victims to counseling. He’ll do some more minor investigations but eventually it will go away and he’ll still be AG.

Marc Dann is not going anywhere until 2010 when his GOP oppenent will take over the AG’s office- after running a set of attack ads against Dann containing clips of today’s press conference.

You know how I know he’s not going to resign?

Because Marc Dann’s wife didn’t appear with him at the news conference today.

  • If the ODP and Strickland aren’t able to force this guy out they risk him pulling down everyone in 2010. This guy is toxic and everyone knew it. My money is on them knowing this beforehand, rewarding his Coingate work with the AG job, and waiting to cut him loose due to shit like this. Nobody I talk to ever thought the Dann era would last long. It was a ticking timebomb of cronyism, arrogance, and old school governing.

    Everyone warned him during his transition that he was going overboard with the people he was bringing in and letting go. Dann set up his little band of brothers and it blew up in his face. Like everyone knew it would. His arrogance during his transition phase was breathtaking given the slim margin by which he won – slimmest of the statewides I believe.

    I’m not sure the wife’s presence makes a difference. She may have just been unwilling to stand there like Spitzer’s wife in the face of what he was about to say. What is your reasoning behind this being an indicator.

    Dann himself will not resign, to be sure. If the decision were left to him. I don’t think he’ll get to decide is my argument.

    We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but I can tell you this by looking around. Marc is going to find it REALLY hard to find anyone who supports him staying in office.

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