Dann just finished taking questions about the latest scandal. (Jill live blogged the event).

He admitted to having an affair with his scheduler- Jessica Utovich- who resigned last night along with Edgar Simpson, “Dann’s top nonlegal adviser”.

Guiterrez (the creepy sex guy) and Jennings (Dann’s Communication Director) were fired today.

The AG’s office announced some additional actions they would take.

And so now we know what we knew before: Marc Dann is an ass and he made some really bad choices by hiring his friends and sleeping with his scheduler.

But he didn’t break the law and he obviously isn’t going to resign.

Can we move on now?

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  • No. We can’t move on until he’s gone.

  • “really bad choices”? This goes far beyond that. Here we have a guy who helped usher in a wave of statewide Democrats on a platform of corruption fighting and we find out his office sexually harasses women, attempts to obstruct justice by getting an assistant AG to lie under oath, doesn’t call for an independent investigation, and Dann himself was sleeping with a staffer?

    This goes to the heart of why we supposedly won back his and other offices. Dann needs to be cut loose and fast.

    Dann is ultimately responsible and he needs to pay the ultimate price so that we may begin to re-establish the proper reputation of the AG’s office under a Democrat. Otherwise, we lose that office and possibly more by extension.

    The real point to this though is that those of us who complained about process in the AG primary were right. Closed door endorsements and attempts to force out others to make way for the chosen one – a chosen one with known issues – is not the way it should work. We need to learn that lesson.

  • Am I the only one who thinks he isn’t going to quit?

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