Everyone knew it was coming. Today is the day.

Two top employees of Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann were fired and a third has resigned because of an internal investigation of sexual harassment complaints released this morning.
And Dann admitted he had a “romantic relationship” with an employee during a “difficult time” in his marriage.

Tim and ModernEsquire are of course all over it. Jerid even takes time to comment. Ugly. In a word, ugly. But then again it was a ticking time bomb.

Marc Dann was to bring back a sense of trust, competence, and good government to the AG’s office. Marc Dann lied to us when he said he would. I support a call for resignation of Marc Dann from the Attorney General’s office so that we can rebuild the office in a way Progressives and Democrats would be proud. The toxic sexist environment that appeared to be stewing at the level of government is breathtaking. Marc Dann takes responsibility for it. He should also bear the consequences of it, which is to lose his office. This is fundamental cronyism, mismanagement, and arrogance of office that we fight against daily with the Republicans. We have to go no quarter on this kind of stuff and not allow it among our candidates, elected officials, and those who might call themselves progressive.

Goodbye Marc Dann.

A note to the Ohio Democratic Party, Chris Redfern, and Ted Strickland: This is what closed door endorsement meetings and ramrodding candidates through without giving everyone a fair shake and a chance to be heard by the voters gets you. This one was screwed up from jump street.

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