Caught this in a WaPo article about how Obama has tied Hilary among Congressional supers:

Rep. Zack Space (D-Ohio), who remains neutral, marveled that Hill — who lost his seat in 2004 to Republican Michael E. Sodrel, won it back in 2006 and is likely to face a rematch with Sodrel in November — came out for Obama. But he said he was even more amazed by Tuesday’s endorsement of Obama by Rep. Ben Chandler (D-Ky.), whose district is likely to vote overwhelmingly for Clinton in the Kentucky Democratic primary May 20.

“That’s courageous,” he said.

Yeah, Zack. Courageous. Unlike some in Ohio. I guess staying neutral is a way to have it both ways – not endorse Hillary when you really want to endorse Obama and not endorse Obama in order to save your seat.

You should give Tim Ryan a call to get all the calculus. He’s got it figured out. Right Tim?

Courage is standing in the face of fire and doing what you know is right – whether or not you get burned.

Now, there is something to be said for calculation as it relates to retaining seats so the good guys have a strong Congressional majority – especially when this nomination now appears inevitable. I won’t argue that. If that’s what’s going on, then so be it. But I’d still like to stand and applaud courageousness when I see it. I think Zack just did as well.

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