They are shocked! Horrified! They feel bamboozled. Run amok! Led astray! The unimaginable cruelty of an unfair attack ad on their candidate!

Got an email from Erick Erickson (which strikes me as a redundant name) at In it, he tries to make money off of a MoveOn ad about John McCain. This ad in fact:

After weeks of wingnuts running the Jeremiah Wright clip on a constant loop, NOW they want context. They want nuance of phraseology. They want people to understand the totality of statements made by someone in a political ad. They want to stop unfairly attacking Senator John McCain. Waaaahhhhh!

I would point out to Mr. Erickson that at least MoveOn decided to use John McCain’s own words and not try to take words of someone associated with the candidate horribly out of context in order to attack the candidate himself.

They want context. They want fairness. They want unfair attack ads to stop. Yeah, right. I always love when the bully gets punched in the face with his own tactics and cries truce. I’m going to hold Erickson and RedState (along with other wingnuts) to the highest of ethical standards as it relates to political ads and rhetorical attacks. What’s the guess on how long it takes them to drop their supposed desire for fair contextual political ads? Or at least completely ignore those on their side of the political spectrum. I say about 30 seconds after the next GOP attack ad!

Here’s the full email: