CNN’s American Morning folks did a little survey this morning asking viewers “Whose gas tax plan do you support?”

So far Obama’s “no gas holiday” has received 82% of the votes.

Sorry Hillary. I guess American’s aren’t as stupid as you expected.

  • Modern Esquire

    Well, if a completely unscientific thing like a webpoll says it, it MUST be true…


  • It does say “This is not a scientific poll”. 🙂

    Sure- the results might be different if it was conducted by Fox News instead of CNN.

    Or if it asked viewers of WWE’s ‘Friday Night Smackdown’ instead of CNN’s ‘American Morning’.

    But it doesn’t change the fact that this is just a gimmick and will have no serious impact on anyone’s life- except maybe to make roads and bridges a little less safe.

  • Did you get the crosstabs on that Joe? There may have been an indication that blue collar voters in fact do approve of the plan. 😉

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