Sure, gas is expensive. I know there are working families (and truckers) who this affects more than others. I might be glad prices are up to act as an incentive to invest in a vehicle with better fuel efficiency (that would then be used even after prices go down), but I know in this economic climate not many can afford to do so.

Enter the “Gas Tax Holiday”. Basically suspend the 18 cent gas tax for 90 days. It has become a part of both Hillary and McCain’s stump speeches. Imagine that, Hillary and McCain paralleling one another in campaign strategy.

Here she is in Indiana:

Throwing in a “talk is cheap” reference to Obama, of course. She’s running the same ad in North Carolina (slightly modified).

Here she is again, this time specifically calling out Obama for not supporting a gas tax “holiday”:

Why might Obama oppose a gas tax holiday?

Because it’s silly political pandering that will make not one iota of difference for working “blue color” families. They’d save about a twenty spot. Literally. So they ad might better read “Barack Obama says NO to saving you $20”.

Here’s how he responds:

Economists and others are rightly criticizing this latest political ploy to appeal to the working class.

Now, raise your hand if you can identify the real leader. Don’t be shy!

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  • I think I saw that first video somewhere before.

  • Yes, but your post was obviously incomplete. Thanks for trying though!

  • Modern Esquire

    Doesn’t a “real leader” offer solutions and not just criticism?

    Obama’s plan to solve gas prices is _____.

    That’s not so much a question as a truism. He has no plan. But hey, if he has a plan, I’d love to hear it.

    And I love how he refers to Clinton and McCain as “Washington Senators” as if he’s not.

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  • First, I’ll take ______ over a stupid plan that saves people not very much but acts as though it’s a great economic plan. A real leader calls it like it is and this holiday idea is stupid.

    Why does this NEED a plan? Other than ginning up support from ignorant voters (which appears to be her demographic). Milk is expensive too! I know, because I have children who go through it like mad. Why doesn’t Hillary have a plan for this? Maybe suspend all taxes on milk – and let’s add eggs – for the rest of the summer. This would actually save me MORE than a stupid gas tax holiday.

    So, yes. She’s the only candidate WITH A PLAN!

    …and it’s a dumb one.

  • And Obama’s non-plan isn’t going to impact highway and bridge maintenance like Hillary’s Plan (aka John McCain’s plan).

  • Actually, you are wrong to say Obama doesn’t have an energy plan. Silly of you to say that. But saying Hillary is the only person with a “gas tax relief plan” is kinda like Miller Brewing continuing to tout winning medals for the best “american light lager”.

    Nobody cares. It’s a manufactured issue.

    If you can’t find Obama’s Energy PLAN, let me help you out.

    Got to “Issues” in the menu bar. Hover over that. Then scroll down to “Energy & Environment”. It’s really easy.

    For even more help, you might read this.

    And don’t comment next time until you at least TRY to look. It makes you look silly. Especially for a lawyer who is supposed to have some research skills.

  • Modern Esquire

    So Obama’s plan is to enact the same windfall tax that Clinton supports and McCain opposes. End tax breaks for the oil and gas industry (how exactly does that lead to lower gas prices?) Oh, and a middle class tax cut.

    Tell me, will he also be willing to stop accepting donations from oil company executives?

    And don’t think for a moment that I didn’t notice that two adament Obama supporters conceded that Obama didn’t have a plan, and then suddenly tried to chastise me for not knowing Obama’s plan when you guys finally found it and read it.

    So is Obama going to be criticized now for having a plan that panders to the middle class?

    Yeah, I think I still prefer Clinton’s broader energy plan. Which apparently you haven’t bothered to read, either.

  • @8: Don’t misrepresent. You’ve been putting alot of words in my mouth lately (and assuming alot about my actions and knowledge here).

    I knew of the energy plan from the website months ago. Too busy firing off one comment to find it. Figured I’d help out since you seemed so ill equipped to find it yourself.

    Oh and a middle class tax cut? Are you for real? You’d rather tout saving a few dollars to significant savings via tax cuts (which could be used to buy way more than $28 in gas).

    No, individuals are allowed to contribute to campaigns. Period. Will Hillary reverse her position at YearlyKos and stop taking money from lobbyists?

    Middle class tax cuts are not pandering. Silly little contrived “gas tax holidays” and “commute with Billy” events certainly are. You know this, but can’t bring yourself to admit it.

    I’ve not read in entirety much of anything, but I’m familiar enough with them to know where to look if I need to know. You appear to struggle with such. LOL. “broader”. Interesting choice of words. Does that mean “has more bullet points”. Yawn.

    I want the real Modern Esquire back. This poser is pretty lame.

  • In ME’s logic, ’tis better to pander and speak out of your ass then say “well, that’s not a real good idea”. Kinda the MO she employed the the Iraq resolution, no?

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  • Elaine Barr

    I listened tonite as all the reports on this Gas Tax Holiday – people for and against Hillary – are applauding her for pandering this plan to the “blue collar workers” a plan that will probably get her votes – and will most probably loose many jobs and actually raise the price of gas shortly – but most of us that work hard don’t do any research to know what a ploy this is. But, good for her – she knows how to get votes!
    Wow – not the Hillary that I had hoped to support early on in this campain. Very dissappointed.

  • Ben

    Obama’s plans for our “energy crisis” arein his blueprint on page 25. The guy has written a plan for everything, from what I’ve seen. They are long-view plans, and a good ones, not a short-term do nothing plans… If acted on, our nation would be a better place for our children, and children’s children.
    The plans McCain and Hillary are proposing aren’t even real plans, it’s dishonest pandering. They won’t be in Office this summer (so what the hell is all the fuss over), and I don’t think I’ve seen “their plan” written up as a bill thats been endorsed, and is ready for debate on the floor of congress.(So, even if it’s a GOOD PLAN–THEY aren’t GOOD enough to fight for it on your behalf as mere Senators!) 😉 People ought to be shouting them down from every direction over this… If you take them for what they say they are; McCain shouldn’t have had the poltical gile and desperation to even propose it, and Hillary shouldn’t have had the utter stupidity to second it.

    I’m not with Obama on every issue, but Damn this was stupid of Hillary and McCain. I’ve lost any respect for them I had over this tax holiday. Saying just anything to get elected simply isn’t the way to get my vote.

    IF anything the tax on gas shouldn’t be on per gallon purchased, but based on the dollar-percentage sold. An 18 cent increase per dollar, would have made our nation share in the profits Oil Companies have made on our dependency, and we would have been able to put that money into dynamically altering our transportation infastructure, and speeding up development of altenative energy vehicles with bench-mark contracts and incentives. And our bridges and tunnels wouldn’t be at risk of collapsing due to increased usage, and lack of funding.

    Here is a plan to get your gas bill down. 1. Commute by bus, subway. 2. Ride a bike more. 3. Learn how to safely ride and get a motorcycle. 4. Get a hybrid car. 5. Live closer to work. 6. Demand passage on limeted acceptance public transportation in rural areas based on economic hardship. The point is: do what you need to do, to get rid of a car/truck that is eating more than half your income in finance-payments, insurance, and gas… because your money could be better spent–if it really is that much of a burden, or else, America, say I love my car and stop bitching!

    Of course, Hillary’s proposed $10,000 dollar tax credit for a hybrid car or alt energy car… not nearly as stupid as this tax holiday… but the real question is, with a lot of things Hilary says, where is that money coming from! (We already have record spending deficits, and individual state-treasuries are virtually broke due to the forclosure-crisis.)

    BTW: the price of oil effects the price of milk. Since I’ve been tracking it, it stays about a dollar over the price of gas. Why? Those milkjugs are thick oil-based plastics, and milk has to stay refrigiated and shipped quickly to places where they are sold.

    The cost of other foods are going up because of the increasing production of “bio-fuels” which the current president, and all the presidential candidates are either stupid enough to endorse, or politically savvy enough to politically pander to the crowds about. Corn should be Eaten! If its takes a Ton of it to make a gallon of it! If you’re going to be stubborn and go that way to supply vehicles with fuel, do the south United States a favor and use Kudzu!

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