Sure, gas is expensive. I know there are working families (and truckers) who this affects more than others. I might be glad prices are up to act as an incentive to invest in a vehicle with better fuel efficiency (that would then be used even after prices go down), but I know in this economic climate not many can afford to do so.

Enter the “Gas Tax Holiday”. Basically suspend the 18 cent gas tax for 90 days. It has become a part of both Hillary and McCain’s stump speeches. Imagine that, Hillary and McCain paralleling one another in campaign strategy.

Here she is in Indiana:

Throwing in a “talk is cheap” reference to Obama, of course. She’s running the same ad in North Carolina (slightly modified).

Here she is again, this time specifically calling out Obama for not supporting a gas tax “holiday”:

Why might Obama oppose a gas tax holiday?

Because it’s silly political pandering that will make not one iota of difference for working “blue color” families. They’d save about a twenty spot. Literally. So they ad might better read “Barack Obama says NO to saving you $20”.

Here’s how he responds:

Economists and others are rightly criticizing this latest political ploy to appeal to the working class.

Now, raise your hand if you can identify the real leader. Don’t be shy!

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