Hillary’s Magnequench story. ABC News has it now. Story is getting legs and rightly so. Very glad to see the MSM start to call her on her BS:

Andy Albers, a former vice president of Magnequench, said he received a phone call from Clinton’s campaign to go over key details of Clinton’s Valparaiso event before it happened on April 12.

“I told them all the truth, but it didn’t go anywhere,” Albers told ABC News. “Evan Bayh and Hillary Clinton are living in some false reality here, making all these false accusations.”

Hmmm. Evan Bayh and Hillary Clinton deliberately ignoring the truth. Interesting.

The Clinton Administration approved the sale! Repeat. The Clinton Administration approved the sale! ABC also uncovered a memo where Evan was outraged that the sale was allowed to happen. Whoops.

Keep going MSM. Keep going!

PS: Albers quoted above is a registered Republican who will be voting for Obama in next week’s primary in Indiana.

Update: Got the video finally