I new Gallup Panel survey in which people are asked to “describe in their own words ‘what comes to mind’ when they think of the three leading presidential candidates.”

Not surprisingly, Hillary’s negatives are huge compared to Obama and McCain. 55% of the respondents have a negative opinion of Hillary compared to 40% for McCain and 39% for Obama.

More than anything else, people think she is “Dishonest” (15%). She also has “Past baggage associated with Bill” (13%) and some people just “Dislike her” (9%).

To be fair- 9% of respondents also said they dislike Obama. But only 5% think he is dishonest. 13% think he’s a “fresh fact with new ideas”.

8% of people don’t trust John McCain and another 8% don’t like him. 12% think he is “too old” and 10% think he’s “More of the same/Another George W. Bush”.

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