…and they’ll probably buy it hook line and sinker. This ad looks and sounds great.

But like so many other Hillary strategies, the finger that she is trying to point is actually toward a mirror that reflects right back at her. Those jobs lost when Magnaquench moved to China? Happened on hubby Bill’s watch:

In the ad, the candidate notes that President Bush could have stopped the shutdown, but didn’t. Ironically, the initial sale of Magnaquench — to a group of investors that included two Chinese companies — occurred in 1995, when the president was Sen. Clinton’s husband, who also took no steps to block the sale.

So just how the hell could Bush have stopped a sale of a company that happened some 5 years before he took office? It’s amazing to me that she is able to peddle such working class baloney with such impunity. Talk about free passes. Not only does she put up a misleading ad that should the truth be known would indict the Clinton’s for a company being shipped overseas, but she has the audacity to use two people who lost their jobs as a result of a Clinton presidency:

Two former Magnaquench workers appeared with Clinton at a rally where she proposed steps to try to save similar companies.

It’s breathtaking in it’s arrogance. The media is for the most part still asleep on this one. Luckily MSNBC is all over it:

Under the 1988 Exon-Florio law, either President Bill Clinton in 1995 or President Bush in 2003 could have blocked the sale of Magnequench or its merger with AMR Technologies.

It’s always more complicated than it seems and ads like these rarely give the whole picture. My guess is that many Indiana voters will be duped just like in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Hillary is for us hard working uneducated types! Yeehaaw!

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