In a recent interview with the Columbus Education Association, Governor Strickland discussed his plans to improve Ohio’s educational system.

The first goal of his plan is “to strengthen our commitment to Ohio’s public schools and public education.” With this commitment comes “increased accountability measures for charters.”

But the Governor admits this won’t happen while Republicans control the legislature. Because, as I’ve mentioned many times before, for-profit charter school operators are HUGE campaign contributors.

So until we can win back control of the General Assembly, we’re going to have to suffer through more and more stories like this:

The state auditor’s office says a charter school in Akron is impossible to audit because of incomplete records.

Phoenix Village Academy-Primary 1 must tell the state within 45 days how it will assemble the documents for an audit. Its sponsor, Ashe Culture Center Inc., is prohibited from opening new community schools while its finances are considered unauditable.

The school, which emphasizes African history and culture, was investigated by state education officials last year for serving drinks tinged with gin to sixth graders. The school said the class’ graduation ceremony was modeled after a Ghanian rite of passage.

A message seeking comment was left with the school Tuesday.

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